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On The Rocks Bottled Tropical Cocktails are Making a Splash on Hawai‘i Shores

Now you can drink gourmet cocktails at home, straight out of the bottle.


On the Rocks

Photos: Courtesy of On the Rocks


Ever wanted to drink a gourmet cocktail at home, but didn’t want to go through the trouble of buying all the ingredients and muddling and shaking and infusing? Drink company On the Rocks has an answer for you. Chief creative officer and mixologist Rocco Milano and president/founder Patrick Halbert have been working for the past year on bottle cocktails that even a connoisseur would want to drink, with a tantalizingly tropical bent that puts their libations directly on our radar.


When Virgin America executives fell in love with the cocktails at one of Milano and Halbert’s restaurant ventures, they asked, what if these bad boys were bottled? In to-go form, they could be shipped out and sold anywhere—including, say, on an airplane.


Milano and Halbert, who are based in Dallas, loved the idea, on one condition: They would not compromise. No sugar-soaked brews in neon colors or throw-away plastic tubes. The On The Rocks team wasn’t looking to take over the six-in-a-pack flavored-shot market. They wanted luxurious creations with all the complexity, atmosphere and high quality of the cocktails served in their bar. And with a love for, and connection to, the Islands (both of them have lived in Hawai‘i and still spend a lot of time with their families here), it only made sense to apply that philosophy to a tropical collection.



After hours of research, tweaking and testing classic tiki recipes, curating top-tier spirits and listening to Jimmy Buffett every day to get in the mood, they created the On the Rocks tropical line. The collection includes Hawaiian Beachcomber, Mai Tai, Mango Daiquiri, Jalapeño Pineapple Margarita, Margarita and Island Time. You’d be hard-pressed to find us in an anti-Mai-Tai mood, but the glam, hip, floral bottle designs are even more incentive to try these heady concoctions.


Next stop: Hawai‘i. Select On the Rocks drinks hit Island shelves, including Foodland Farms, Dean and Deluca, and onboard Hawaiian Airlines, in December, but the team has big plans to expand their Hawai‘i reach in the coming months.


These drinks feature taste, beautiful packaging and portable appeal, but they also run from $7 to $12, less than some similar-caliber cocktails you’d get in a bar, but more than most single-serving, on-the-go, boozy bevs. Our take? Totally worth it, for special occasions, gifts, or days when you need an extra-special treat-yo-self pick-me-up. Is it time for pau hana yet?






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