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What If Ice Cream Was Good For You?

A new, nutritional treat hits local grocery freezers.


Photo: Courtesy of Brio


Every once in a while, we like to brag on one of our sister companies. The most recent cause for celebration? Nutricopia’s introduction of Brio, a new frozen treat now available in the freezer sections of Foodland and KTA Super Store locations across Hawai‘i.


When a bunch of sample flavors of Brio showed up in our offices, we didn’t know much about it, but we were struck by the nutritional info on the side of the packaging: antioxidants, electrolytes, folic acid, B12, all kinds of vitamins and minerals. This was like ice cream, but actually good for you.


We called up Nutricopia president Arnie Koss to find out more. He says they created Brio as a way to sneak healthy stuff into something that everyone loves.


“Our mom loved ice cream,” he says. “I remember her saying, from time to time, why can’t this be good for me? Later in life, my mom became ill, and she had to start taking some of those liquid nutritional products. She’d say, I wish this was ice cream. And it really started my brother and me thinking: Could ice cream be transformed?”


It turns out to be harder than you might think. Koss says it took him 10 years to develop Brio. “When you start adding nutritional benefits to ice cream, you end up with all kinds of taste issues, texture, color. It was a relentless set of challenges. But we were able to get the help of two former Ben & Jerry’s flavor guys and a team of nutritionists, and we succeeded.”


The flavors we tried—dark chocolate and coffee latte—would never be mistaken for Haagen Daz, but it was amazing how subtle the flavor was, even with the addition of so much healthy stuff. The closest taste comparison we could find was those Carnation frozen chocolate malts we used to love as kids.


To find out more, click here, or visit the freezer sections of Foodland or KTA.


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