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Top 8 Cold Coffee Drinks in Honolulu


From left: Cold-brewed iced coffee at Brue Bar, iced coffee at Beach Bum Cafe, New and Improved Philz at Salt.

Photo: Martha Cheng

It’s hot as [insert preferred expletive here].

To keep our cool, we need our caffeine. Here are our favorite cold coffees:

  • Iced latte at Morning Glass
    At one of our favorite cafes ever, the iced lattes ($3.50) are shaken, not stirred, for a refreshing frothiness.

  • Vietnamese iced coffee at Pho to Chau
    Few pairings are better than a hot and savory pho with a cold and sweet Vietnamese iced coffee ($3.50). Let the dark bitter brew drip through the filter brought to your table, then stir it into the condensed milk and cupful of ice.
    1007 River St.

  • Vietnamese iced coffee with condensed coconut milk at Snackbox
    Vegan Vietnamese coffee? Awesome. Grab Snackbox’s take on a Vietnamese iced coffee ($4.50), mixed with agave-sweetened coconut milk.
    Inside PAD, 691 Auahi St.

  • Coffee jelly au lait at Palme D’Or
    A fun fix: Stir the coffee jelly into the milk and slurp away ($4.55). 

  • Affogato at Café Central [UPDATE: Cafe Central is closed as of June 10, 2014.]
    The best afternoon pick-me-up and cool-down is a shot of espresso poured over a scoop of Il Gelato’s fior di latte ($3.95).

  • Iced coffee at Beach Bum Café
    At this pour-over only café, some of the water is replaced with ice cubes, instantly cooling down a perfect brew, made with your choice of Hawaii-grown coffee (about $3).

  • Cold brew coffee at Brue Bar
    Sometimes you just want a simple cold coffee. Brue Bar’s cold-brewed coffee (about $3) uses Santa Cruz’s Verve Coffee for a smooth and mellow cup.

  • The New and Improved Philz at Salt
    And sometimes you need an extra kick with your caffeine. This cocktail ($10), an homage to Philz, the beloved coffee shop in San Francisco, ups coffee’s bitterness with Campari and Averna and smooths it out with rum.


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