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Noodle Tuesday: Iyo Udon


If you've been to Marukame (and if you haven't, why not?!), you know the deal at Iyo Udon, Honolulu's newest udon spot at Ala Moana Center: cafeteria-style, fresh udon for the price of a Big Mac.

Iyo Udon has similar offerings as Marukame—hot and cold udon, curry udon and pick-your-own tempura—with one notable exception, the kamatama udon. Hot udon is mixed with a splash of shoyu and a soft-boiled egg, which turns into a creamy sauce for the noodles. It's a different udon dish that really showcases the noodles without being boring. Add a flurry of pickled and fresh ginger, green onions and tempura flakes, and it's like the Japanese version of carbonara.

The comparisons to Marukame are inevitable, but if you're at Ala Moana and craving udon, Iyo is the perfect antidote to a day when your daughter/son/husband has kept you at the Lego store a little too long.

Iyo Udon
Udon from $3.75 to $7.25
At Ala Moana Center, 2nd floor mauka, 1450 Ala Moana Blvd.

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