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First Look: Paradise Lounge at Hilton Hawaiian Village


Zombie Punch and Scorpion Bowl at Paradise Lounge

I never thought I'd see another Scorpion Bowl in my life; I thought those dangerously potent cocktails in a bowl were behind me, along with college frat party days. (Incidentally, who knew Boston was Scorpion Bowl central?!)

Christina Maffei, responsible for the drink menu overhaul at Hilton Hawaiian Village, serves one of her signature mai tais

But what used to be a cheap and fun way to get drunk is now getting its due makeover, thanks to a resurgent interest in tiki bars. So when Paradise Lounge (and its adjoining restaurant, Bali Steak and Seafood) underwent a multi-million dollar renovation, it also revamped its cocktail menu to include a Scorpion Bowl, plus a Zombie Punch—big enough for three to four people to share.

Paradise Lounge and entrance to Bali Steak and Seafood 

Here's a look at the new interior, taken at a recent media event to launch the new Paradise Lounge and Bali restaurant. The new space is open and inviting, with ocean views, communal tables and comfy benches. Definitely a more relaxed space than the nearby Tropics, where it sometimes feels like the entire resort, with its 3,000-plus guests, has emptied into the bar and restaurant around sunset.

I'm looking forward to sampling the new menu in the revamped space; definitely a step up from the last place I had a Scorpion Bowl, in the Hong Kong, with its sticky tabletops and $1 teriyaki sticks.

Paradise Lounge at the Hilton Hawaiian Village, hiltonhawaiianvillage.com/dining/bars

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