December 2012

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Biting Commentary

Agriculture is Hawaii's smallest economic sector and shrinking

Data visualization of the last 20 years of agriculture in Hawaii
2012.09.21 12:16 PM

Aloha Bowls: the prettiest acai bowls in Honolulu

Seek out this truck for acai bowls by a Nobu bartender
2012.09.20 08:29 AM

Ala Moana Farmers' Market debuts a Tuesday night market

Fewer vendors than Saturday's market, but newcomer Wow Wow Waffle is a must try.
2012.09.19 10:25 AM

This little piggy went to DK Restaurants

Vino, Sansei and DK Steak House go whole (Shinsato Farm) hog
2012.09.18 10:58 AM

The new John Dominis: 53 By The Sea

A completely new building occupies the old John Dominis site.
2012.09.17 11:15 AM

Why you should attend the Hawaii Ag Conference

The Hawaii Ag Conference engages people at all levels in the food system, including eaters.
2012.09.14 09:05 AM

Li'l Soul: Soul is back

Sean Priester reopens Soul downtown
2012.09.13 07:12 AM

Rent a shave ice machine!

Bring the coolest (literally) dessert to a potluck
2012.09.12 09:36 AM

Chutney: a new Indian and Nepalese restaurant in Honolulu

Small, casual and cheap, compared to most Indian restaurants around town
2012.09.11 10:47 AM

Hawaii Food and Wine Festival 2012 Highlights

A recap of four nights in Hawaii's biggest culinary festival
2012.09.10 01:18 PM

Everything is Jake! and Hendrick's Gin

A "curious and unusual" collaboration
2012.09.07 06:14 AM

Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine

A sip of American independence, now available at Tamura's
2012.09.06 09:55 AM

Pandora Cafe: a Korean bar with quality sashimi

Off Keeaumoku, find late night sashimi and Nolbunae chicken
2012.09.05 06:05 AM

Final cheap eats winner!

And the winner of two tickets to Hawaii Food and Wine Festival's closing night event...
2012.09.04 01:14 PM

San Francisco's Mission Street Food pops up in Honolulu

Two events: a dinner, and a book talk by Anthony Myint and Karen Leibowitz
2012.08.31 01:27 PM

Events: Eat the Street: Pork, Okinawan Festival, Antica and Antinori wine dinner

120,000 andagi are made at the Okinawan Festival. Get yours.
2012.08.30 10:39 AM

The evolution of Salt Kitchen and Tasting Bar

From small plates to bigger.
2012.08.29 10:24 AM

Win two tickets to HFWF's signature event in the final week of our Cheap Eats contest

Win two tickets to the Hawaii Food and Wine Festival closing night event, Cuisines of the Stars
2012.08.28 11:48 AM

New restaurant: Crab City

Third in the Boiling Crab/Cajun-style seafood boil restaurants
2012.08.27 01:15 PM

Six ways to cool off: Taiwanese shave ice, gelato, naengmyeon and more

You're hot. These are cool. You two should get together.
2012.08.24 02:23 PM
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