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Goma Tei Serving Fresh Noodles, With New Flavors Coming Soon

The specialty noodles including truffle, shrimp and porcini mushrooms debut in September.


The original tan tan ramen from Goma Tei now features house-made noodles.
Photo: Catherine Toth Fox


Very few noodle shops in Honolulu still make their own noodles, opting for the convenience of premade batches from local purveyors.


But Goma Tei Ramen is bucking that trend.


Since July, Goma Tei has been serving its own ramen and udon, made in-house at its Kāhala Mall location, at all five O‘ahu restaurants.


“We just wanted to make our noodles better,” says Siyuan Wong, Goma Tei general manager.


The different flavors of house-made noodles (from left): spinach, tomato, truffle, shrimp, scallop and porcini mushroom. Some of the flavors will debut at the chain’s five locations in September.
Photos: Courtesy of Goma Tei Ramen


For several months, owner Kenneth Siu worked with engineers in Sanuki, Japan to create a machine that would mix the ingredients and cut noodles to the chain’s specifications. Goma Tei’s new recipe uses a special flour shipped from the Kagawa Prefecture that gives the noodles a smoother texture. (Side note: Kagawa Prefecture is famous for sanuki udon, which features special noodles that are thick and toothsome. There are more than 700 udon restaurants in this prefecture alone.)


The machine, which cost more than $200,000, operates in a back room of Goma Tei’s Kāhala location, churning out enough noodles for roughly 2,000 bowls daily, Siu explains.


This machine was specially designed in Japan for Goma Tei.


The recipe uses a special flour from Kagawa Prefecture, known for its udon noodles.


Since July, all of the noodles used at Goma Tei’s five locations are made in the Kāhala kitchen.


In September, as part of its monthly Noodle Festival, the company will roll out specialty noodles—for a limited time at first—that really got us excited, particularly the truffle flavor.


  • Sept. 1 to 8: Truffle ramen with shoyu broth, topped with chicken and mushrooms, $19.95

  • Sept. 9 to 15: Shrimp ramen in tan tan broth, $16.95

  • Sept. 16 to 22: Porcini noodle tan tan, $16.95

  • Sept. 23 to 30: Scallop noodle with shoyu broth, $16.95


A bowl of shoyu ramen using the truffle noodles.


The company is also experimenting with other flavors, including tomato, spinach and carrot.


Multiple locations, gomatei.com, @gomateihawaii




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