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Ice cream fondue at Tea Farm Cafe


Over at our sister publication, check out Lei Chic's favorite neighborhood cafes. One of them, Tea Farm Cafe, specializes in tea. It's been open for just over two years and, while food offerings had been rather ho-hum, Tea Farm Cafe has since added an ice cream fondue ($25), reason enough to go. The cafe forms Haagen-Dazs ice cream—in flavors of green tea, vanilla and chocolate—into heart shapes and also supplies marshmallows and brownies for dipping into the warm chocolate tableside. You can even add bacon ($4). This adorably delicious fondue set feeds four easily.

Other sweets that Tea Farm has also added: their own chocolate cake and green tea cupcakes (both light, not too sweet desserts) as well as Chantilly and Black Forest cakes from Patisserie. Plus, there's a s'mores set, a fun idea if you don't mind roasting marshmallows over a Sterno. But if you had to pick just one dessert to go with your tea, it's ice cream fondue all the way.

2600 S King St., Ste 106, 945-2679, theteafarm.com

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