Tourists Rate Hawaii One-Star on Yelp: Here’s Why

Tourists have mixed feelings about Hawaii’s iconic destinations. Here’s what they’re saying on Yelp about Iolani Palace, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and Lanikai Beach.


Hawaii is normally considered a pretty nice place, but you can’t please all the people all the time—and all those people are on Yelp. Below, selected bits from actual reviews from Yelpers who are just not impressed. Sorry guys, we’ll try harder next time!



Recommended Reviews


Iolani Palace

  Maethoriel A. | Whittier, CA

  Don’t waste your time. Very disappointing “palace.” All you need to do is watch the video by the area where you buy your tickets (if you can find it) and that’s all you need. They show it all in the video. You would think THE ONLY PALACE IN THE UNITED STATES would try harder!


Pali Highway

  Retired B. | North Pole, AK

  Great views! But two out of the three times I visited, it was completely cloudy and I couldn’t see a thing.

  Jordan F. | San Diego, CA

  35 and 45 mph speed limits??? What the hell is this, a parking lot? That is not a highway. I have places to be, jesus.


Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

  Paul M. | Pasadena, CA

  I drove two hours, spent $220 on a rental car and $10 admission fee for this?!  Some measly steam vents and a large charred piece of earth?  Where’s the spewing lava?  Where’s the toxic gas?  Where’s the pyroclastic flows? … Nature is boring.


Diamond Head Lookout

  Tony K. | Alhambra, CA

  I didn’t give 5 star simply because:

minus 1 star because I’ve enjoyed the view and taken lots of photos, might not go back there when I have a chance to return because like I said, I’m not the hiking type of person.

minus 1 star because there’s no restrooms at the top.


The Kamehameha Statue

  Roll N. | Ann Arbor, MI

  The Kamehameha Statue is smaller than we imagined, so that was a bummer. Took a quick pic and was on our way. Booo.


Lanikai Beach

  Gina W. | Pasadena, CA

  Sooooooo disappointed!!!! I read these reviews and looked at the pictures everyday for two weeks before our trip. I was so excited to come to this beach. We finally get there, go down the little path, so excited to get to this beach, and then ... There was NO beach. There was maybe three feet of sand, then the ocean. My kids wanted sand to play in so we basically just left after being there for three mins. Soooo sad.


St. Augustin Church Waikiki

  Lily H. | Inyokern, CA

  I was suprised they didn’t remind non-Catholics that they should not receive communion. Also, one choir member needs to rein in that powerful voice and blend with everyone.  Enunciation is also nice.


Haleakala National Park

  Les L. | Pasadena, CA

  At the very top of the crater, it’s very cold and windy. There was even ice on the ground in early February. You look around, snap a few pictures of the “Mars-like” topography and then you’re faced with a 1.5 hour drive back down. No thanks.


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