23 Outdoor Hawaii Adventures to Enjoy Now

Hawaii is a beautiful place; don’t let tourists have all the fun.


Bellows Field Beach Park offers beachside getaway camping with a view of Manana, or Rabbit Island.
Photo: John Hook 

 We live in an Island paradise, but how many of us really make the most of the natural beauty just outside our front doors? Whether we’re working a 9-to-5 desk job or longer hours, it’s easy to slip into our autopilot routine of picking up the kids from soccer practice and grocery runs to Foodland. Don’t let the tourists have all the fun. Summer still has some juice left in it (and let’s face it, summer is a loose term here in Hawaii). So, just for you, HONOLULU reader, here are outdoor adventures you should be having, everything from scenic camping spots to places to take thrilling leaps into the ocean. It’s time to step away from your chores long enough to get out. 







Check back each week as we unveil more outdoor adventures from this feature.


Disclaimer: Hawaii’s natural areas are beautiful, but can often be filled with risks. Be prudent when exploring our great outdoors, taking into account your own skill and fitness levels, the weather and tides, any “no trespassing” signs and whether you’ve had a beer or three to drink. We want you to be a safe, healthy HONOLULU reader for years to come.


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