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August 2013: Table of Contents


The Pig and the Lady’s pho-French-dip banh mi. See the full “100 Best
Dishes and Drinks” feature for details.

Photo: Steve Czerniak



A Man, A Plan, An Island: Lanai

Tech billionaire Larry Ellison has set out to transform the Pineapple Isle into a “laboratory of sustainability.” How does Lanai feel about that?

Reach for the Sky

Once UH students fling their Hiaka satellite into space, this place might never again be the same. Also, a look into the possibility of space tourism in Hawaii.

Special Section

Annual All-Island Restaurant Guide

Our annual insert celebrates all the delicious dining options Hawaii offers. Check out “The 100 Best Dishes and Drinks in Hawaii” for a roundup of food and dining editor Martha Cheng’s favorite must-try dishes across the state. Get caught up with the local cocktail scene as we profile Honolulu’s up-and-coming gourmet bartenders. If you’re gluten-sensitive, vegetarian or vegan, you’ll want to check out writer Lesa Griffith’s guide to which restaurants accommodate special requests. And, finally, why restaurant tipping should be abolished.


The Pacific Ink & Art Expo  

Reasons to get out and go in August

R.I.P.: the Mad Men koa bar

A rare surf book, remade

The local barbershop quartet scene

Hawaii’s wackiest races

Unsolicited advice

Field Guide: Waikiki’s catamarans


Menwear line Salvage Public

Summer jewelry goes colorful

A Q&A with designer Corie Lyn Beer

A Matt Bruening/Sig Zane collab

From Our Files

HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific—chronicling the Islands since 1888.


Editor's Page: And Then

Digging through the past, looking to the future.

Afterthoughts: Sticker Up

On parties, families and what it takes to get a magazine out.


Our readers respond.

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