W&M Bar-B-Q Burgers

Hurray for burgers!  W&M employees (in red caps, from left) Aida Shiraishi, Pomai Smith, Thelma Delos-Reyes and Alika Ahina know exactly how to keep their customers happy.

Photo by Dana Edmunds

Ask husband and wife owners, Walt and Joy Kunimitsu why W & M’s lines are often 10 people deep, and they’ll tell you it’s their secret barbecue sauce. “Its been passed on from generation to generation,” says Walt, who adds that only a trusted few know the recipe. His grandparents, Wilfred and Mary Kawamura (hence the name, W & M), created the sauce in 1940 and opened the first W & M Bar-B-Q Burgers on Nuuanu Avenue. Back then, its burgers sold for 19 cents. In 1980, it moved to its current location and has remained an institution ever since.

3104 Waialae Ave., 734-3350.