Punchbowl Fender Works

Photo: David Croxford

The tall, black sign of Punchbowl Fender Works stands as one of Waialae’s most iconic landmarks, unchanged since the ‘60s. Sixty-seven-year-old Ian Fukumitsu, who has owned the auto body and paint shop since 1987, says he might have actually renovated the place some time ago, were it not for the zoning restrictions. “The shop was grandfathered in when the zoning of Kaimuki was changed,” he says. “I can’t touch anything on the structure, because it wouldn’t be within the new codes.”

Ever wonder why it’s called Punchbowl Fender Works? The shop was originally located on Punchbowl Street, near the Queen’s Hospital. When it moved to its current Waialae spot in 1960, the name stuck.

3427 Waialae Ave., 737-5584.