Ka Lei Marketplace

Lois Shimabukuro-Miyake eggs her customers on at Ka Lei Marketplace.

Photo: Dana Edmunds

With twirling flowers and baskets of colorful plastic eggs showcased in the window, Ka Lei Marketplace looks like the secret hideaway of the Easter Bunny. In fact, it’s the spot to pick up any size egg you want, from jumbo to peewee, in brown or white, all antibiotic- and hormone-free. Sisters Lois Shimabukuro-Miyake and Phyllis Shimabukuro-Geiser co-own the store, which opened its second location on Waialae Avenue in September 2006. “The Kaimuki community tends to be pro-local rather than imported products,” Shimabukuro-Miyake says. “It really makes a difference.”

It’s not just about eggs: Also for sale are lavender soaps shaped like eggs, rooster ornaments, papaya-seed dressing from Maui Jelly Factory, fresh produce, such as Manoa lettuce and Kahuku corn, and even the beloved waffle dog. What brings all these products under one roof? They’re all local.

3585 Waialae Ave., 737-7665.