Hawaiian Hydroponics

Who needs soil?  Carmie Pasquariello can help you start a garden that can grow just about anywhere.

Photo: Dana Edmunds

Carmie Pasquariello doesn’t like wearing shoes. She’s 26, pierced, tattooed and has a friendly, hippie vibe, all of which make her the perfect owner of Hawaiian Hydroponics. She calls the growing method “a busy person’s garden,” because it relies on a timer, doesn’t use soil and requires only a water basin full of nutrients. “It’s more of a controlled way of growing your plants,” says Pasquariello. In the back, there’s a small garden of corn, tomatoes, arugula, cucumbers and peppers. In the front, a live parrot named Guava and a tortoise named Fatty, with mysteriously intelligent eyes.

4224 Waialae Ave., 735-8665. www.hawaiianhydroshop.com