Hawaiian Humane Society

Charisse Ongi, an HHS volunteer, spends some quality time with this pup in McInerny Dog Park.

Photo: Dana Edmunds

If animals could speak, they’d sing a love song to the Hawaiian Humane Society. The organization, which has been at its Waialae location since 1938, serves as a shelter for homeless animals, as well as a rescue and adoption center for dogs, cats, birds and other little friends. It’s also home to McInerny Dog Park, a one-third acre of grass and trees where canines can go leash-free. Each year, about 750 volunteers donate their time to the Society, carrying out tasks ranging from taking animals to visit children in the hospital to caring for a pet if its owner is disabled or dealing with an illness. 

2700 Waialae Ave., 946-2187, www.hawaiianhumane.org.