Glenn's Cycle Supply

Owner Glenn Koishigawa may not race motorcycles anymore, but he still knows his way around a bike.

Photo: David Croxford

For Glenn Koishigawa, this motorcycle and moped parts and repair shop is a way to keep in touch with his first passion. “I’ve always loved motorcycles,” he says. “I started off dirt riding, and did some road racing. Working on bikes is just something I enjoy doing. It’s not anything I’m going to get rich from, but it’s a good way to make a living.”

Koishigawa’s homey little shop has been tucked into the bottom level of a residential building for 25 years, attracting a mix of die-hard gearheads and young moped riders. The bulk of his business these days is two-stroke moped repair, but if it’s got two wheels, Glenn’s Cycle Supply can probably take care of it.

3703 Waialae Ave., 732-5547.