3660 on the Rise

Photo: Michael Keany

Waialae Avenue is a great neighborhood during the day, but once the sun sets, its selection of watering holes is admittedly limited. Thank goodness, then, for 3660 on the Rise’s cozy six-seat bar, which makes a perfect spot to grab a gourmet drink and catch up with a friend. Most of the other patrons will be there for dinner, so it’s never hard to find a seat, and the bar boasts an extensive cocktail menu. We recommend the classic lychee martini, which is smooth and subtly sweet, but you can also choose from a whole range of flavored martinis mixed with the same lychee-infused vodka, including the Kahuku, made with watermelon schnapps.

3660 Waialae Ave., 737-1177. www.3660.com/