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Field Guide: Nuuanu Ave.

Sneak away to this downtown stretch and discover art galleries and more.

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Photo: David Croxford


Anna Li Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

The waiting room walls are lined with jars filled with Chinese herbs that acupuncturist Anna Li (in photo left) mixes and then boils for remedies for ailments such as migraines and back pains. “They are very bitter,” Li says of her hot drinks, which she’s brewed at her Nuuanu office since 1988. On any given day her place is filled with loyal customers who swear by Li and acupuncture, and tell us, “The needles don’t hurt quite as much as they look like they will.” 1121 Nuuanu Ave., 537-1133.  

Photo: David Croxford

Jasmine Local Deli: Okazuya

Passing by Jasmine, you’ll inevitably be tempted to stop in for a snack or a meal as you catch sight of all the ono delights in the window. Jasmine’s okazuya features all the classics, such as edamame, musubi and chicken katsu. Manager Brian Uehara says, “the shrimp tempura is a favorite.” 1339 Nuuanu Ave., 536-4939.


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