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Sushi Glossary

Chutoro – Premium fatty tuna.
Domo Arigato – Thank you very much
Gari – Ginger
Hottate Gai – Scallops
Ika – Squid
Iki – Chic
Itamae San – Sushi chef
Kohada – Spotted shad
Kombu – Large, flat seaweed
Kon Bon Wa – Good evening!
Maguro – Tuna (‘ahi)
Maki – Sushi roll
Murakami – Sushi shoyu
Nigiri – Sliced fish on hand-packed rice
No Bi – Beautiful
Oaiso – Check
Omakase – Chef’s-choice menu
Onei gai shi mas – Please
Otoro – Extraordinary fatty tuna
Saba – MackerelSake – Salmon
Sake Nihonshu – rice wine
Sashimi – Fish, carpaccio style
Sayoh Nara – Goodbye
Shoku – Cuisine/eating/food
Tamago – Egg custard
Toro – Fatty tuna.
Tsu – Connoisseur
Uni – Sea urchin
Wabi – The appreciation of that which is in between
Yuzu – Citrus fruit
Zushi – Vinegared rice

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