Photos courtesy: Joy of Sake

Sushi, sushi, everywhere, but not a drop to … Oh, wait, there is a drop to drink at the annual Joy of Sake event. A lot of drops, actually, with 300 sakes on offer, including award-winners from this year’s U.S. National Sake Appraisal. (A word to the wise, sake has an alcohol content similar to wine, at around 12 to 18 percent.) While you sip, experience how food interacts with sake by tasting the appetizers from local restaurants, including Chai’s Island Bistro, Epic, Gyotaku, Hakkei, Momoyama, Nobu Waikiki, Shigezo, Tokkuri-Tei. A San Francisco restaurant, Yoshi’s, will also be serving. Desserts will be from confectioner Abi Langlas and Musashi, of the Hyatt Regency Waikiki.

The Joy of Sake takes place on Aug. 28 at the Hawaii Convention Center. Tickets are $70 per person; to order them via phone or online, visit http://www.joyofsake.com/



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