August 2007



Letters to the Editor: Letters

...on the 50 Greatest Hawaii Songs, live jazz in Hawaii and on the use of scientific theory to prove that God exists.

Restaurant Guide: Cheap Eats

Hungry for good values, we combed through the Islands in pursuit of delicious meals for $20 or less. We lunched, we brunched, we wined, we dined. And we found you can eat well, accompanied only by...

Restaurant Guide: Thirty Years at the Table

A 30-year memoir of Honolulu restaurants, served in five courses.

Restaurant Guide: The Dish on Neighbor Islands

For people who love dining out, juicy food gossip is almost as satisfying as the stuff you read in supermarket tabloids.

Calabash: Benign Beauty

Ron Kent and his Guardian Series.

Architecture: Ballots for Buildings

Around Town: 7 Reasons to Get Out


Arts: In-Your-Face Theater

Hawaii’s Shakespearean innovators take their show downtown.

Shopping: Baby, It’s You

Innovative baby products to go gaga over.

Music Review: Israel Kamakawiwoole's Wonderful World

Wonderful World, Israel Kamakawiwoole, (Mountain Apple Co.)

Entertainment: On the Tube

A roundup of Honolulu’s most entertaining YouTube videos.

Sports: The Big Question

With the start of the Rainbow Wahine volleyball season, all fans want to know is: Who will replace Kamanao

Environment: Native Roots

After one of Hawaii's most devastating forest fires, Maui’s Kula Forest Reserve gets a second life.

Environment: Field of Creams

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Afterthoughts: Gawk This Way

Every time a honu is ashore, humans gather to watch. What would happen if they turned the tables?