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August Heads Up!


The month of August is void of any real holidays—by real we mean the ones for which you get to skip work. So, observe the following days, sitting at your desk, staring into your
computer screen.

They’re the people that you play with, work with and depend on. Celebrate them on August 1, National Friendship Day.

She stole your toys when you were 3 and your favorite shirt when you were 23—but you gotta love her. August 3 is Sisters Day.

On August 21, 46 years ago, President Dwight Eisenhower signed the Islands’ statehood proclamation, officially naming Hawaii America’s 50th state.

Did you forget an anniversary? A birthday? Well, you get off easy on August 25, Kiss and Make-up Day.

Round up the carpools! Kids will start trickling back to school throughout the month. Summer is officially over—traffic officially begins.

Lovebirds be aware and cynics beware: August is Romance Awareness Month. Also celebrated in August, Immunization Awareness Month, National Hair Loss Month and National Golf Month.

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