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HONOLULU Magazine's survey of the best local albums.

I'm so thrilled to see the music of Hawai'i take centerstage in HONOLULU Magazine. I understand, and agree with you, that there will be much discussion about what some will see as glaring omissions. I salute you and your panel for acknowledging the majesty of Hawaiian music. I can't wait to see what happens next year when the first Grammy is awarded in the Hawaiian music category. I believe one day we will be having the Höküs as a Grammy event and I am thrilled at the inevitability of that. There have been many awesome talents that have come and gone through this magnificent place we call Hawai'i and I am privileged to have been involved on a very manini scale in the process.

Robb "Jazzbro" Peterson, via e-mail

For the fact conscious among us, Guava Jam was released in 1972, not 1969; perhaps you meant to include its wonderful predecessor, Hawaiian Time. The problem with any list is that it is defined by what's missing; cf your own panelists' list of also rans.

Some of the artists who define your list by their absence would include Sonny Chillingworth, Kawai Cockett, Bill Kaiwa, Sol Hoopii, Benny "King" Nawahi, Tandy McKenzie, Kent Bowman, Jon and Randy, Puamana, Webley Edwards, Tony Lindsey and, of course, Elvis Presley for the soundtrack to Blue Hawai'i. Nice try.

Christopher W. Strawn, via e-mail

Editor's reply: The copyright date on the Guava Jam CD release, and on Hula Records' Web site entry for the album, is 1969. But when we followed up with Hula Records, it doublechecked its records and realized that the album's original release date was 1971. Hawaiian Time was released in 1969, so attaching that year to Guava Jam, the following album, says the label, may have just been an oversight. Hula Records extends its apologies and says it will correct the error the next time CD packaging material is printed.

I enjoyed your cover story of the 50 best Hawai'i music albums of all time, but there's some misinformation in the quotation concerning album No. 45, Pure Heart, [which implies the album was recorded at a studio owned by Tracey Terada]. That album was actually recorded at Sma'Kine Recording Studio in Kailua. I was the recording engineer and co-producer.

Steve Kramer, Honolulu

A monthly look through the back issues of HONOLULU Magazine and Paradise of the Pacific.

I was pleased to receive the May issue with the picture of Beatles John and George with the McDermott sisters.

Duffi McDermott was my classmate at St. Anthony School Kailua and we all had difficulty comprehending the fact that two of the Beatles had been to her house. This was the biggest news for young music fans, heck the biggest news for Kailua since the most recent tidal wave alert. Duffi brought in photos and, more importantly, slips of paper to class, each autographed by John and George, and each class member got to take them home overnight to show off around their neighborhood.

My older brothers were especially impressed as they had tried to sneak out of our house and down to the McDermotts' place to catch a glimpse, but were intercepted by my dad, who somehow was resistant to the Beatlemania going around those days.

I do note a discrepancy in the date on the photo as published. It may have been originally submitted or published in Honolulu in 1969, but the photo, and their visit, took place in either late '64 or early '65, as we were in 4th grade and everyone, even Sister Mary Carmel, loved the Beatles! Thanks for reviving fond memories.

Tim Strawn, Harvard University Library, Cambridge, Mass.

Editor's note: Exactly right, this 1969 article was recalling events of 1964.

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