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Soldiering On: Hawai‘i’s Nisei Veterans

17 Nisei Veterans Share Stories of the Lives They Built in Hawai‘i After World War II

They’re our everyday heroes in plain clothes—the revered second-generation Japanese American veterans of World War II. Fewer than 250 Hawai‘i nisei vets are known to be alive today in Hawai‘i. And the war is just part of their life stories.
2019.12.31 10:00 AM

Video: How We Told the Life Stories of 17 Nisei Veterans in Hawai‘i

The HONOLULU team spent five months interviewing and photographing 17 nisei veterans for the December cover story, “Soldiering On.”
2019.12.23 05:30 PM

Remembering the Nisei Veteran in My Family

Sometimes you need a little (or big) push to remember what’s important.
2019.12.23 07:00 AM

Harold Afuso

2019.12.19 10:00 AM

George Ariyoshi

2019.12.19 09:30 AM

Kenji Ego

2019.12.19 09:00 AM

Yoshiaki Fujitani

2019.12.19 08:30 AM

Shinye Gima

2019.12.19 08:00 AM

Royce Higa

2019.12.19 07:30 AM

Asa Higuchi

2019.12.19 07:00 AM

Hidenobu Hiyane

2019.12.19 06:30 AM

Henry Ishida

2019.12.19 06:00 AM