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Fitness & Sports

Om My God

2008.05.05 07:30 PM

House Training

2008.05.05 07:28 PM

Basic Training

2008.05.05 07:26 PM

Pole Position

2008.05.05 07:22 PM

Standing Room Only

2008.05.05 07:20 PM

Liquid Roots

The third generation of the Ho family shows no signs of getting out of the surf.
2007.11.01 12:00 AM

The Big Question

With the start of the Rainbow Wahine volleyball season, all fans want to know is: Who will replace Kamanao
2007.08.01 12:00 AM

Pro Bows

A round-up of UH greats turned NFL pros.
2007.07.01 12:00 AM

Do You Speak Ocean?

Like Morse code, Hawai‘i’s surf beats out a message—one that reaches surprisingly far. Meet some global citizens who heeded this call.
2006.11.01 12:00 AM

Sports: Sunny Moves On

A post-retirement Sunny Garcia looks back on the surfing life.
2006.02.01 12:00 AM

Learners Not Permitted

A big-wave rider and early tow-in surfing pioneer, the Maui resident can handle heavy water. But a groundswell of angry locals, tired of overcrowded surf spots, has engendered a new Maui County law.
2005.01.01 12:00 AM

Ohm, Cool, and Collected

1999.11.30 12:00 AM