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13 Mainland Chains We Really Wish We Had in Hawai‘i

Is it really too much to ask for Swedish meatballs and animal style burgers?
2014.10.22 03:07 PM

18 Vintage Photos From Hawai‘i’s Pineapple Plantation Past

Historic photos courtesy of the Dole Food Co. Archives at UH’s Hamilton Library.
2014.10.22 11:19 AM

Honolulu is the Worst Place to be During a Zombie Apocalypse

We’re ranked the most appetizing city for the walking dead–Here’s why.
2014.10.17 12:34 PM

The 6 Most Overrated Beaches on Oʻahu (and Their Best Alternatives)

We aren’t picky, we’re just…discerning.
2014.10.10 04:22 PM

Quiz: Can You Guess The Price of These O‘ahu Rentals?

There’s a price to pay for living in paradise. Can you guess what it is?
2014.09.24 02:37 PM

15,000 People From Japan Just Flew to Hawai‘i – Here’s Why

The Japanese pop group Arashi is in town for a two-day concert at Ko ‘Olina. Here are some fun facts about the popular five-member boy band.
2014.09.19 04:09 PM

The Ultimate Lost Drinking Game

Bust out the Dharma beer, because we’ve come up with the best way to binge watch Lost, ever. Warning, with 59 occasions to drink, you might be tipsy before the Smoke Monster even shows up.
2014.09.17 11:46 AM

3 Essential Ways to Survive in the Wild, Hawaiian Style

Brother Noland teaches us how to use a rabbit stick, start a fire and throw a net.
2014.09.15 03:13 PM

The 9 Most Absurdly Luxurious Hotel Suites in Honolulu

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can get you an awfully nice hotel room. See what $10,000 a night buys you at Honolulu’s fanciest.
2014.09.11 05:32 PM

Quiz: Where on Oahu Do You Belong?

Mililani-raised. Manoa-educated. Kakaako-bound. Kamaaina or visitor, you’ve found yourself settled into one of Honolulu’s many diverse neighborhood pockets. But are you in the wrong place?
2014.08.26 01:18 PM

7 Hawaii Celebrities Take On ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

In Hawaii, locals are dumping buckets of ice water over their heads as part of ALS Association’s “Ice Bucket Challenge.”
2014.08.21 01:20 PM

Tourists Rate Hawaii One-Star on Yelp: Here’s Why

Tourists have mixed feelings about Hawaii’s iconic destinations. Here’s what they’re saying on Yelp about Iolani Palace, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and Lanikai Beach.
2014.08.19 09:54 AM