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UH Expands Focus on Hawaiian Studies and Sustainability

UH students majoring in law, engineering or pre-med will soon be incorporating sustainability and Hawaiian studies in their course work thanks to a new campus-wide initiative.
2011.10.14 09:00 AM

Foursquare Discounts: Free Cupcake, Anyone?

Foursquare, a location-based social networking app, has some actively participating businesses in Honolulu.
2011.10.14 12:00 AM

Victoria’s Secret Opens Waikiki Store with Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio

Victoria's Secret opened a new store in Waikiki with supermodel Angel Alessandra Ambrosio.
2011.10.12 01:00 AM

Things to do for Halloween in Honolulu

Visit one of these spooky attractions for a twist on the traditional haunted house this October.
2011.10.11 10:00 PM

Honolulu Ghost Stories with Lopaka Kapanui

Lopaka Kapanui explains historical hauntings at Oahu Cemetery in Nuuanu.
2011.10.07 12:00 AM

High School Sports-Related Concussions on the Rise in Hawaii

To better educate the population, as well as care for students in contact sports, this summer the DOE started its concussion management program, after a two-year pilot project.
2011.10.06 11:00 AM

Sunset Boulevard at Diamond Head Theatre

Sunset Boulevard is playing at Diamond Head Theatre from September 30 - October 16, 2011.
2011.10.05 07:30 AM

The Duke of Bachata Music Performs at LCC

Joan Soriano, the "Duke of Bachata," will be playing at Leeward Community College on Oct. 8th.
2011.10.03 07:30 PM

Gay-Straight Alliances Provide Support to Local High School Students

Many teenagers look to their school’s gay-straight alliance programs for support. But not many Hawaii high schools have GSA programs.
2011.09.29 12:28 AM

Why Can't Hawaii Kids Join The Military?

In a state with over 42,000 active duty military serving in its boundaries, Hawaii has the absolute highest number of students who can’t pass the military entry tests.
2011.09.27 12:49 AM

Hospice Hawaii Starts Pediatric Care Program

The nonprofit not only cares for terminally-ill adults, but now children, too.
2011.09.23 12:10 AM

Holy cow, Honolulu! Have you got your hurricane kits ready?

Guess which American city tops the list of towns that are overdue for a major hurricane in 2011?
2011.08.31 12:27 AM