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Editor's Page: Schools and Stars

How we’re covering the public schools this year.

Afterthoughts: Happy Returns

Birthdays aren’t what they used to be. I’m OK with that.

Hawaii's Royal Legacies

The days of Hawaii's alii are past, but many of the companies and organizations they inspired are still going strong today.

Unsolicited Advice: Stop Leading with the Bleeding

Hey, local TV news, enough with the coverage of grisly car accidents and weeping relatives of the injured and the slain.

University of Hawaii Cancer Warriors

Four ways the new UH Cancer Center is going to make a difference.

Why legal pot didn't happen in Hawaii

Hawaii loves marijuana. We’re famous for it: Maui Wowie, Kona Gold, Kauai Electric. This year, legislators introduced bills to legalize the drug—they got shot down.

Bans and Morality

Sometimes the law is too big for our problems.

Afterthoughts: A Burning Love

Cane fires? I'm for 'em. I might be the only one.

House of Healing for Mental Health in Hawaii

This state program offers mental healthcare in a clubhouse setting.

Combat Kitsch: Murphy's home to the world's best-travelled armadillo

This stuffed armadillo's not just a bar mascot; it's a decorated war hero.

Thanks, Lex Brodie... Very Much.

The late Lex Brodie didn't just fix our tires, he broadcast his mahalos into our living rooms.

Q&A: Sen. Brian Schatz

Honolulu talks with U.S. Sen. Brian Schatz about his new job, how the Senate really operates and what his plans are for the Islands.

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