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Editor's Page: Getting It Right

This month, thank a teacher who inspired you.

Unsolicited Advice: No More Aloha

A few months ago, two Oahu crosswalks made headlines when a mystery graffiti writer added eight white lines to each of them, spelling out the word “ALOHA.”

Afterthoughts: Striking A Chord

When does a rant turn into something more?

Editor's Page: Where Do YOU Live?

It all depends.

The Painful Path to Same-Sex Marriage in Hawaii

A first-person account of the saga.

Editor's Page: Perseverance

Sticking with what you believe in.

Afterthoughts: Scenes from the Polar Vortex

Hawaii fails to handle.

Hawaii's Solar Energy Revolution

How the proliferation of solar panels on Honolulu homes will force Hawaiian Electric Co. to reinvent itself—or else.

Dana Paresa: Why I Left Hawaii

Guess what? Another promising Honolulu artist moved to Portland, Ore. What gives?

Afterthoughts: Unplugged

Going off the grid used to be more dramatic.

Waikiki's Ilikai Hotel and Suites Turns 50

One of Waikiki’s most iconic landmarks celebrates its 50th anniversary this month. Here’s the story of how this hotel/condo hybrid came to be.

Editor's Page: Connections

In Honolulu, we often find connections where we least expect them.

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