7 Reasons to Get Out of the House


Environment: Killer Asteroids!

UH astronomers are preparing to scour the skies for signs of impending doom.

Field Guide: Live Jazz

It may be hard to find, but Honolulu does have a jazz scene. Here’s a map to its hidden treasures.

Sports: Man Among Boys

Mark Kurano is not your average mixed martial artist.

First Person: Chasing Netflix

Somewhere on O‘ahu, a movie company bustles through the night.

Food: Soy Story

A health-minded Manoa takeout restaurant wins tofu converts.

Food: Milking It

Testing out a soy-milk maker for home kitchens.

Places: We need your help.

Give us your aging, your threatened, your forgotten buildings.

Scrap Yard: Does God Exist?

Victor Stenger, professor emeritus of physics and astronomy at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa, recently released a book, God: The Failed Hypothesis—How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist. We asked Charles Hayes, dean of the University of Hawai‘i’s College of Natural Sciences, to offer an opposing viewpoint on the relationship between God and science.

Arts: Illuminate—The Moon Show

An exhibit shines light on Island contemporary art.

Books: Lunch Quandary, Solved

7 Reasons to Get Out of the House


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