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Odd Restaurant Jobs in Honolulu

Chefs receive most of the attention, but there are also many lesser-known, yet fascinating, restaurant jobs. Meet some of the crew at Honolulu's dining spots who have positions you may never have heard of.
2010.09.07 07:21 PM

BJ Penn: Outside the Octagon

Through mixed martial arts, BJ Penn became Hawaii's most well-known athlete, but not always for the right reasons. Now, he's evolving into one of the world's most influential martial arts teachers.
2010.09.07 06:57 PM

Loft Life in Honolulu

A new breed of luxury apartment arrives in Honolulu.
2010.08.02 08:50 PM

The Hawaiian Humane Society Investigator

The Hawaiian Humane Society’s 13 animal officers ward off aggressive dogs, rescue cats from storm drains and enforce animal cruelty laws. To find out what the job is really like, we rode along with an HHS investigator.
2010.08.02 08:43 PM

Exploring Kapolei

We discover 27 reasons to head out west.
2010.07.12 07:52 PM

Farm to Table: Coffee

Find out more about how Hawaii's coffee gets from the farm to your table.
2010.07.07 07:26 PM

Chief Concerns

HONOLULU sits down with HPD’s new chief, Louis Kealoha, and takes a look at crime and law enforcement in the city today.
2010.07.01 08:28 PM

Hollywood in Hawaii

From plastic palm trees to on-set pranks, from fake languages to obstinate water buffalo, intrepid humor writer Charles Memminger uncovered the funniest, strangest tales of Island moviemaking.
2010.06.01 05:14 PM

Kamehameha IV and the Shooting of Henry Neilson

Alexander Liholiho shot one of his closest friends, leaving physical and emotional wounds from which neither man would recover.
2010.06.01 04:52 PM

Tough Love

With 8,277 people on probation on Oahu for felonies, along came a revolutionary program called HOPE—the first of its kind in the nation—and now it’s not just helping probationers, it’s transforming law enforcement.
2010.06.01 02:48 PM

Best Doctors in Hawaii 2010

The list of the 325 best doctors in Hawaii was determined by the doctors themselves.
2010.06.01 04:17 AM

Grading the Public Schools: The 2010 Grades

Once again, we've ranked more than 250 public schools across the state, using data from the state Department of Education. How does your school measure up?
2010.05.04 06:48 PM