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Akaka vs. Case: The Political Showdown of the Year

The outcome of this race will say more about Hawai‘i than about either of the candidates.
2006.09.01 12:00 AM

Best Places to Live

Whether you're enjoying retirement or saving for your kids' college tuition, loving life in the fast lane or trying to slow down, we've got the neighborhood for you.
2006.09.01 12:00 AM

Full Tanks and Empty Reefs

Can Hawai‘i balance the demands of aquarium lovers with the need for conservation?
2006.09.01 12:00 AM

The Things They Carried

Take a revealing look into the handbags—and lives—of strangers. What’s in your bag?
2006.09.01 12:00 AM

Chinatown Now

2006.08.01 04:00 AM

Beautiful Imperfection

When you’re building a $6 million dream home overlooking Kaneohe Bay, it is possible to make things too perfect. These homeowners avoided an overwhelming mansion by roughing things up alittle.
2006.08.01 12:00 AM

Wave Goodbye

Last call at Honolulu’s finest nightclub
2006.08.01 12:00 AM

Dammed for All Time?

?Small farms and rural lifestyles hang in the balance as Kaua‘i scrutinizes its aging dams.
2006.08.01 12:00 AM

Topping out on the Big Island

Can one father, one son and one SUV conquer two mountains—Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa—in a single day?
2006.08.01 12:00 AM

Nowhere Else to Go

How the state is using its detention home as a warehouse for mentally ill kids.
2006.08.01 12:00 AM

Saving St. Francis

When a deal to sell their hospital fell through, a band of physicians got together to buy it themselves. Will they be able to turn things around?
2006.07.01 12:00 AM

All in the Family

What do you get when an experienced contractor builds his own dream home? Clean, understated ‘Ohana living.
2006.07.01 12:00 AM
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