Honolulu Nocturne

8 Fat Fat 8 Bar & Grille

7 Reasons to Get Out

October 2007

The Last Dance

September marks the end of obon season in Hawaii.

Ballots for Buildings

Benign Beauty

Ron Kent and his Guardian Series.

The Paddleboard Champ

Kanesa Duncan, the paddleboard Champ.

Music Review

‘Aina Kupuna, Hoku Zuttermeister, (Kaleiola Records)

Sports: Man Among Boys

Mark Kurano is not your average mixed martial artist.

Field Guide: Live Jazz

It may be hard to find, but Honolulu does have a jazz scene. Here’s a map to its hidden treasures.

Rant: Return to Sender

By the Numbers

Top 8 Dog Names on O‘ahu

Glass of Her Own


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