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Tough Love

With 8,277 people on probation on Oahu for felonies, along came a revolutionary program called HOPE—the first of its kind in the nation—and now it’s not just helping probationers, it’s transforming law enforcement.
2010.06.01 02:48 PM

Dining: The Boys are Back in Town

A wave of Island chefs headed to the Mainland for training. What will happen now that they’re home?
2010.06.01 02:21 PM

Best Doctors in Hawaii 2010

The list of the 325 best doctors in Hawaii was determined by the doctors themselves.
2010.06.01 04:17 AM

Beauty School Knock Outs

2010.05.31 06:07 PM

From Our Files

June archives
2010.05.30 10:54 PM

Field Guide: Ethnic Markets

We explore five of the city’s best ethnic-food markets, and find homemade salsa, fragrant curries and budget-friendly bentos.
2010.05.30 10:30 PM

Ash Alert?

Hawaii volcanoes are unlikely to cause massive airline delays. Here's why.
2010.05.30 09:39 PM

In High Spirits

Okolehao is making a comeback.
2010.05.30 09:21 PM

CD Reviews: O'Brian Eselu and The Green

Music reviews of Eselu's Aloha E Aloha E Aloha E, and The Green.
2010.05.30 09:17 PM

Things to do in June in Hawaii

In June, listen to the Manoa Strings at Foster Botanical Gardens, raise money for local libraries and eat lots of turkey.
2010.05.28 10:13 PM

Bikini Trends for Summer 2010

What’s hot for the beach? We asked Honolulu’s Brazilian bikini expert, Nadia Riberio, to go over the top swimwear trends.
2010.05.28 10:07 PM

Afterthoughts: Outside the Box

Strapped for cash to solve the homeless problem, we’re going to have to get creative.
2010.05.28 07:13 PM