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Passive Aggressive

The way some news stories are written, the truth can hide in plain view.
2008.01.22 08:20 PM


...on local eating, Elvis Presley and present-tense architecture.
2008.01.22 10:52 AM

Add Men

What's a pacifist to do when she actually likes the recruiting message?
2008.01.07 07:32 PM

From Our Files

January Archives
2008.01.07 07:31 PM


...on buried bones, houseguests from hell and Chinatown as the "Honolulu Culture and Arts District."
2008.01.07 07:00 PM

The Last Flight Out

Scrap your vacation plans, your air travel is killing us.
2008.01.07 06:59 PM

Sour Poi Awards

Celebrating the best of the worst of 2007—from the strange to the stupid to the scandalous.
2008.01.07 06:57 PM

Short Story

A new line of jeans caters to smaller frames.
2007.12.20 06:37 PM

Second Honeymoon

One of Hawaii's best albums is back in stores, after decades out of print.
2007.12.20 06:22 PM

Music Review

A Hawaiian Christmas by Amy Hanaiali'i and Slack Key Christmas by various artists.
2007.12.18 04:41 PM

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2007.11.30 07:12 PM

Bar Town

Here's to you, Honolulu!
2007.11.30 06:53 PM