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2010.07.08 05:29 PM

Weekend Picks - July 8, 2010

2010.07.08 07:47 AM

Farm to Table: Coffee

Find out more about how Hawaii's coffee gets from the farm to your table.
2010.07.07 07:26 PM

Back To the Future

2010.07.07 10:23 AM

Hot Piece of Class

2010.07.06 08:54 AM

Leaving Town

2010.07.02 08:43 AM

Former Honolulu Police Chief Louis Kealoha in 2010: What a Difference a Decade Makes

HONOLULU sat down with Louis Kealoha in his first year as HPD chief. Check out what he had to say about corruption, “intelligence-led policing,” and more.
2010.07.01 08:28 PM

Local Flavors

Kona Sea Salt has released a new twist on a favorite local product with “Hawaiian Furikake with Kona Sea Salt."
2010.07.01 06:43 PM

Save That Landmark

The Historic Hawaii Foundation is accepting nominations for its 2010 list of Hawaii’s Most Endangered Historic Sites.
2010.07.01 06:34 PM

Meals on Wheels

A new delivery service, Aloha 2 Go, will bring you food from more than 20 local restaurants.
2010.07.01 06:32 PM

Afterthoughts: Naked Ambition

A documentary on hippies reminds me why Hawaii could use a few nude beaches.
2010.07.01 06:10 PM

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