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Fresh Start

Clark Little's new book, The Shorebreak Art of Clark Little.
2009.12.28 02:22 PM


...on the 2009 photo contest, 50,000 outstanding bench warrants and the best ramen.
2009.12.28 02:10 PM

Editor's Page: Good Enough to Eat

This issue has delicious food writing—and equally tasty photography.
2009.12.28 01:15 PM

Best of Lei Chic 2009: Heavy Petal

2009.12.28 07:30 AM

Best of Lei Chic 2009: Land of the Rising Sunglasses

2009.12.24 07:00 AM

Editor's Picks: Best of 2009

Theoretically, I love equally all the stories we’ve published this year. But, between you and me, these were some of my favorites.
2009.12.23 03:19 PM

Best of Lei Chic 2009: Runway To Real Way

2009.12.23 08:15 AM

Video: Top 5 Cocktails

Watch as we go on a Honolulu bar tour and taste-test these drinks at Nobu, Lewer's Lounge, Thirtyninehotel, Oceans 808 and Shokudo.
2009.12.22 02:56 PM

Best of Lei Chic 2009: There's Something About Dairy

2009.12.22 08:36 AM

Web Exclusive: Bassoonist Makes Most of Honolulu Symphony Crisis

Doodling during Symphony rehearsals inspires greeting card line.
2009.12.21 05:40 PM

Best of Lei Chic 2009: You've Got Nail

2009.12.21 09:08 AM

On Our Wish List: Your Opinion

2009.12.18 08:58 AM