Aloha, Lost!

Hawaii says “Aloha Oe” to the cast and crew of the ABC hit mystery series, Lost.


Learn how to care for a bonsai at the Pearl City Bonsai Club workshops.

Tax Cut for USPS

The Post Office is catching a break this year, thanks to the Internet.

Things to Do in March in Hawaii

Things to Do in March in Hawaii, March 2010 Honolulu Magazine

Web Exclusive: Things to Do on Valentine's Day

Here are some events going on that should keep you busy whether you’re single or happily hitched.

Web Exclusive: Ha at the Polynesian Cultural Center is Worth the Trip

The center’s new show is less touristy than you’d think.

Watanabe Floral

Watanabe Floral gears up for Valentine's Day.

Written in Stone

An exploration of Hawaii’s masterworks in stone.

Fresh Start

Clark Little's new book, The Shorebreak Art of Clark Little.

Editor's Picks: Best of 2009

Theoretically, I love equally all the stories we’ve published this year. But, between you and me, these were some of my favorites.

Val's Way

Honolulu gets the first look at an international tribute to the icon of postwar Hawaiian architecture.

Potted Pleasures

Turn drab spaces into compact, low-maintenance sanctuaries.

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