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Sheldon Simeon on Top Chef: Any regrets?

After a stage at Vintage Cave, Top Chef judges think Simeon lost his signature style.
2013.02.22 12:29 PM

Hawaii Cocktail Week packs a punch

Our cocktail correspondent's favorite drinks and what he's looking forward to.
2013.02.21 11:11 AM

James Beard Award semifinalists announced

Congratulations Chuck Furuya, Ed Kenney and Quinten Frye
2013.02.20 09:10 AM

Moved: Kona Kai, from hole-in-the-wall to Kaimuki restaurant

Kona Kai melds Tokkuri Tei with Sushi Sasabune
2013.02.19 02:11 PM

New juice bar: Juice Box

Honolulu jumps on the juice craze
2013.02.15 12:02 PM

Honolulu's most romantic bar: L'Aperitif at the Halekulani

Colin Field debuts a new, lighter cocktail menu at L'Aperitif
2013.02.14 11:54 AM

Mark Noguchi, on judging Cochon555

News flash: Cochon555 comes to Hawaii later this year
2013.02.13 10:39 AM

Jam World: Honomu Jams and Jellies

Sugar free jams from Big Island
2013.02.12 10:58 AM

Meet Takayuki Suzuki, a guest bartender for Hawaii Cocktail Week

Find out more about cocktail culture in Japan, how it's influenced by the Japanese tea ceremony and the significance of the ice ball in drinks.
2013.02.11 12:22 PM

Blue Tree Cafe: a stylish new health-focused cafe

Fresh juices, smoothies, housemade kombucha and almond milk. Raw, vegan food options.
2013.02.08 09:55 AM

Got a recipe for Mars? A space food study wants your recipes

Because even astronaut ice cream gets boring after a while
2013.02.07 01:14 PM

Recipes for Chinese New Year and beyond: Mary Sia's Classic Chinese Cookbook

The fourth edition, recently released, offers homestyle Cantonese recipes
2013.02.06 10:20 AM