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90 Years of Opening Nights

Diamond Head Theatre celebrates its 90th anniversary season, a milestone for the oldest continuously operating theater in the Islands
2004.11.01 12:00 AM

How much is your home worth now?

2004.09.01 12:00 AM

Buying a Home, When You Think You Can’t Afford One.

Even as prices shoot through the roof, owning a home is still within your reach.
2004.09.01 12:00 AM

The life of an O‘ahu house

We took a look at 10 single-family houses up for sale in neighborhoods all over the island and researched what they sold for over the years.
2004.09.01 12:00 AM

It All Adds Up to Style

We did the math to come up with four great looks for four different budgets.
2004.09.01 12:00 AM

Can We Make Honolulu Cool?

The city and county of Honolulu wants to change the way the city looks. Is “smart growth” the way to go?
2004.08.01 12:00 AM

Art, On and Off the Wall

Collectors Flock to Showcase Local Art.
2004.08.01 12:00 AM

Shipping Out

This Spring, 9,000 troops left Hawai‘i. Of these, 5,000 went to Afghanistan and 4,000 to Iraq. It was the largest Hawai‘i deployment since the Vietnam War.
2004.08.01 12:00 AM

The Silent Language of Jade

Learning the lingo leads to a new appreciation.
2004.08.01 12:00 AM

The 50 Greatest Hawai'i Albums of All Time

An esteemed panel of musicologists, producers and artists select the 50 albums they feel represent the best in Hawaii music.
2004.06.01 12:00 AM

Music to our Eyes

We asked area musicians to help us interpret the sound of clothing.
2004.06.01 12:00 AM

His House/Her House

We know men and women’s tastes can differ on home furnishings and décor. So this month, we sent a pair of writers into Honolulu’s showrooms to find out what would catch their eye.
2004.04.01 12:00 AM