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Live Blog: Same-Sex Marriage in Hawaii

Follow our live coverage of same-sex marriage legislation pending in the Hawaii State Legislature.
2013.11.07 11:43 AM

Hawaii House committee pass bill to legalize gay marriage, moves to full House

The Hawaii House Committees on Judiciary and Finance make a decision on SB1 to legalize same-sex marriage in the state.
2013.11.05 06:42 PM

10 Faces of Hawaii's Gay Marriage Debate

On Halloween, we asked supporters and opponents of gay marriage legislation to share their opinions.
2013.10.31 08:54 PM

Hawaii House committee to accept same-sex marriage testimony until midnight Oct. 31

Here's how to submit testimony, from now until midnight tomorrow.
2013.10.30 10:42 AM

Hawaii lawmakers begin debating same-sex marriage legislation

Hawaii lawmakers convened at the state Capitol for a special session today to hear testimony on a variety of legislation, but the main task at hand, and the one getting the most buzz, was the controversial measure to legalize marriage for gay couples.
2013.10.28 03:13 PM

September 11: Twelve Years Later

On this sad anniversary, we thought we'd take a look back at the first piece HONOLULU Magazine published in response to the 9/11 attacks.
2013.09.11 10:41 AM

Hawaii Xplorers summit Mauna Loa

On Aug. 18, a group of eight from the U.H. Ethnobiology Society’s Hawaii Xplorers Program successfully hiked a 13,680 feet to the peak of Mauna Loa, considered the largest mountain (in circumference) on the planet.
2013.08.29 12:10 PM

Don't Forget

How things have changed since last September, and an update on my fundraiser.
2013.08.02 01:05 PM

Making a difference, in more ways than one

These exchanges will help this family long after we are gone.
2013.08.02 04:05 AM

A warning to Hawaii residents from a Japan tsunami survivor

In Hawaii, even if you're in a higher place, please don't think that a tsunami will never come.
2013.07.31 06:19 PM

A Rakuten Baseball Game

After volunteering at Hamaguri Hama, we headed to the Rakuten baseball stadium in Sendai to watch a professional game between the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles and the Chiba Lotte Marines.
2013.07.31 02:06 PM

Hamaguri Hama, and its ahupua'a mentality

Both the Japanese and Hawaii cultures are connected to the ocean and land, and understand that there must be a balance in order to achieve sustainability.
2013.07.29 04:02 AM