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7 Things to Know When the Warriors Kick Off the NCAA Football Season in Australia

Like a high school senior who landed a date with Gisele Bundchen, UH somehow scored the college football season premiere that kicks off against Cal Berkeley, in Sydney at 4 p.m. (HST). But do the Warriors stand a chance? Here’s what you need to know.
2016.08.24 10:59 AM

Quiz: Which Hawai‘i Animal Are You?

You got here on a boat or plane. Hawai‘i’s animals got here … who knows how, so your kindred spirit qualities can’t really be explained. Suffice to say, when you see these little guys IRL, you give a nod of recognition and a look that says, Takes one to know one, little dude. Takes one to know one.
2016.08.18 10:43 AM

10 Incredible Costumes That Blew Us Away at Comic Con Honolulu 2016

A glimpse of the most epic costumes at the Comic Con Honolulu.
2016.08.02 05:05 PM

We Tried This: Hawai‘i Pirate Ship Adventures

Ahoy, matey! 7 things you need to know about becoming a buccaneer.
2016.08.02 11:10 AM

Happy National Coloring Book Day! This Adult Coloring Book Unlocks Your Creativity

If you haven’t already made plans for National Coloring Book Day, here’s an easy downloadable coloring book by Hawai‘i’s own queen of “keeping it between the lines.”
2016.08.02 09:47 AM

Watch This Famous Chinese Artist Splash Paint Live to Create an Epic Masterpiece

Hua Tunan mixes street art and traditional painting, and even kitchen tools.
2016.08.01 11:19 AM

How Albatrosses Taught Photographer Chris Jordan How to Grieve

His images of decomposing Laysan albatrosses captured news headlines since 2009.
2016.07.22 07:13 PM

9 Fun Things You’ll Find at The Best of Honolulu Festival

From a local marketplace to a keiki zone and prizes for catching Pokémon.
2016.07.15 01:11 PM

Catch Pokémon at the Best of Honolulu Event

Your Instagram shots from the event using the #bestofhonolulu hashtag could win you prizes.
2016.07.15 10:44 AM

8 Things You Need to Know About Hawaiʻi’s Latest Obsession With Pokémon GO

Take a look inside the latest Pokémon craze.
2016.07.14 06:51 PM

Watch Rare Video of Humpback Whales and Dolphins Playing Off the Coast of Maui

Tag, you’re it!
2016.07.12 09:33 AM

A New Travel Guide Shows You the Lesser-Known Side of Honolulu

Don’t judge a book by its cover, there’s more to do in Honolulu beyond the typical touristy attractions.
2016.07.08 10:13 AM