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The Descendants Win Golden Globe

Best film of 2011? I knew that it was getting great reviews, but always felt like the critics had seen a different movie than the one I saw.
2012.01.16 05:49 PM

Living Lei Chic: Kulanui Okara Shortbread Cookies

Lei Chic senior editor Christi Young visits the University of Hawaii's College of Tropical Agriculture's kitchen to talk with Jennifer Shido about Kulanui's Okara Shortbread Cookies, dreamed up by students using byproducts from Aloha Tofu.
2012.01.13 10:00 AM

UH Takes Offensive Line on Coach's Salary

Hawaii Reporter's Jim Dooley is reporting that the University of Hawaii is refusing to release the salary of new UH football head coach.
2012.01.06 04:00 PM

Queen Emma Building Getting Remodeled

The owner of the Queen Emma Building has begun dramatically altering its historic exterior.
2012.01.05 03:00 PM

2011 HONOLULU Magazine Stories You Loved

Here are the most viewed stories of 2011. The ones you visited more than once, shared with your friends and enjoyed.
2011.12.30 11:30 AM

No Cover New Year's Eve Bars 2012

Here's a quick guide to a no cover New Year's Eve.
2011.12.29 06:00 AM

Living Lei Chic: Gifts for Women

Lei Chic senior editor Christi Young has some great last minute gift ideas for women.
2011.12.22 10:00 AM

Living Lei Chic: Holiday Treats

Lei Chic senior editor, Christi Young, and HONOLULU Magazine's food and culture editor, Martha Cheng, show off some delicious treats for your next holiday party.
2011.12.16 06:00 AM

Urban Dare Comes to Honolulu

The traveling adventure competition Urban Dare (think Amazing Race) comes to Hawaii for the first time this January.
2011.12.13 09:00 AM

Living Lei Chic: Leloa Baby Collections

Lei Chic senior editor Christi Young takes KGMB's soon-to-be-father Steve Uyehara to Leloa Baby Collections & Keiki Boutique and speaks with owner Lynette Yi.
2011.12.12 03:00 PM

Opinion: Lethal Lava

The only way to fry.
2011.12.09 06:30 AM

Opinion: If the roads are this bad, what about rail maintenance?

If we can’t get roads repaved any faster than every 20 years in Honolulu, why would we expect that rail would fare any better?
2011.12.07 02:00 PM