Be a duck in Kailua

New “Duck Road” listing on the Kainui Canal

What can you get for half a million?

A look at yesterday’s HBR stats and properties

Kailua property has everything in one spot

Large Aikahi Park home has California style

As seen on Hawaii Five-0: Fantastic Kailua estate

$36 million beachfront estate can be yours

Open house pick of the week: Enchanted Lake

Area developer’s home was hand-picked

Beachfront haven

Beachfront Kailua home captures Oahu's windward charm

Open House Pick: Designer Kailua Cottage

It’s Friday—time to think about your Sunday house hunting. Here’s my recommendation for your weekend viewing pleasure—a Kailua cottage.

A Better Way to Look for Rentals

Searching for a new rental is made less painful by PadMapper, a mash-up of Craigslist and Google Maps.

Cash Talks in Hawaii Real Estate

In Hawaii, a significant number of buyers are paying cash for real estate.

Five Hidden Costs of Home Ownership

Some home ownership costs are obvious, while others are not. Here are five hidden costs that every would-be homeowner should keep in mind.

Anatomy of Foreclosure Listings

Real estate listing lingo can be annoyingly difficult to decode. And foreclosure listings are often even more indecipherable. Here, a quick breakdown of some of the most common phrases you’ll come across.

Top-Performing Oahu Neighborhoods of 2010

Many Oahu neighborhoods saw increased median sales prices in 2010 for single-family homes and condominiums. Here are the areas that fared the best.

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