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Fun Things For Singles to Do Alone in Hawai‘i

Single in Hawaiʻi? There are lots of solo activities available.
2013.02.06 06:25 AM

The Steven Tyler Act (Walk This Way Edition)

Hawaii lawmakers propose to limit paparazzi. We're just jaded.
2013.02.05 03:11 PM

How difficult is it to get a gun in Honolulu?

With gun laws much in the news, we thought we’d take a look at what, exactly, the process is for acquiring a handgun in Honolulu.
2013.02.05 06:15 AM

What it's like to play a dead body on Hawaii Five-O

Lights! Camera! Play dead.
2013.02.04 06:35 AM

Zuckerberg Copies MySpace Tom, Again

Zuckerberg may be buying real estate in Honolulu, but MySpace Tom was here first.
2013.02.03 05:25 AM

Watch volcanoes erupt!

Sometimes we forget Hawaii isn't the only place in the world with active volcanoes.
2013.02.02 12:46 PM

Where to Watch the Super Bowl in Honolulu, Hawaii

Where will you watch the Harbaugh sibling playoff go down? We’ve got your guide below.
2013.02.01 07:10 AM

Top 5 Things To Do This Week (1/31 – 2/6)

Here's your list of the best things to do this week.
2013.01.30 10:31 AM

Fashion designer needed to help a little girl

One of the Make-A-Wish Foundation's local recipients is 11-year-old Skylar Soares, and her wish is to create a line of sun-safe hats.
2013.01.22 02:54 PM

Vivo performs two-hour jazz show at HPR this Saturday

Interested in hearing some local jazz with a twist?
2013.01.16 02:47 PM

Hear the sounds of Hawaii's animals

Here's a monk seal, sounding somewhat like a heavy beer drinker with indigestion, to get you started.
2013.01.16 11:15 AM

Whale entanglement season is upon us

It's whale watching season in Hawaii, which, unfortunately, also means it's whale stranding and entanglement season, too.
2013.01.15 02:44 PM