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Our Town: McClain Auctions

2006.04.01 12:00 AM


A piece of Mo'ili'ili history
2006.03.01 12:00 AM

Clipping Service - Shore about that?

Bill Thomas anticipates a Hawai'i visit in a Jan. 22 Washington Post column titled "A Shore Thing."
2006.03.01 12:00 AM

Culture: Honolulu Festival

The 12th annual Honolulu Festival dances into town March 10 to 12.
2006.03.01 12:00 AM

Media: Hello to Hallyu

Hawai‘i is crazy for Korean dramas, and even played a role in introducing them to Mainland audiences.
2006.03.01 12:00 AM

Your Tax Dollars Ticking Away

2006.03.01 12:00 AM

Music Review

Ka 'Upu Aloha, Aaron J. Sala, Hula Records
2006.03.01 12:00 AM

Our Town: Kaimuki Typewriter Service

A 20th-century institution is still clacking away on King Street.
2006.03.01 12:00 AM

How to Let the Dogs Out

Tips for keeping your pooch happy and healthy during an outdoor excursion.
2006.03.01 12:00 AM


We come across a lot of cool new ideas. These two are both stylish and useful.
2006.03.01 12:00 AM

Heavy Metal

Don’t have the time? We searched the city to find the hottest men’s watches, from $120 to $3,800.
2006.03.01 12:00 AM

Scene: Koi

Taking their lead from L.A.’s hipster scene, the owners of Koi offer Honolulu a little something to change up the nightlife.
2006.03.01 12:00 AM
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