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Don't Forget

How things have changed since last September, and an update on my fundraiser.
2013.08.02 01:05 PM

Making a difference, in more ways than one

These exchanges will help this family long after we are gone.
2013.08.02 04:05 AM

A warning to Hawaii residents from a Japan tsunami survivor

In Hawaii, even if you're in a higher place, please don't think that a tsunami will never come.
2013.07.31 06:19 PM

A Rakuten Baseball Game

After volunteering at Hamaguri Hama, we headed to the Rakuten baseball stadium in Sendai to watch a professional game between the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles and the Chiba Lotte Marines.
2013.07.31 02:06 PM

Hamaguri Hama, and its ahupua'a mentality

Both the Japanese and Hawaii cultures are connected to the ocean and land, and understand that there must be a balance in order to achieve sustainability.
2013.07.29 04:02 AM

It's Game Time

This afternoon, as part of the Tomodachi program, the Punahou Intermediate baseball team is being matched up against a local Ishinomaki team.
2013.07.28 05:32 AM

Baseball: Japanese versus American

I'm learning a lot about baseball on this trip and it's fascinating to see and learn the differences between Japanese teams and American teams.
2013.07.27 12:53 PM

Ishinomaki City

Two years and four months later, the landscape looks improved since my last visit to the devastated areas in September.
2013.07.27 04:57 AM

Day 2: Cities in the Clouds

It took us two days of long flights, long lines and bus rides to get to our final destination of Sendai, but we are finally here.
2013.07.26 09:59 AM

First Stop: Seoul, South Korea

After a 10-hour flight, we land in Seoul, South Korea for the night.
2013.07.25 10:25 AM

Punahou baseball team leaves for Japan goodwill trip

Today I will be traveling with the Punahou Gold Intermediate Baseball Team, the coaches and their families on a goodwill trip to the tsunami-affected areas of Japan.
2013.07.24 07:20 AM

Alcohol banned at Sandbar on Memorial Day weekend

2013.05.16 06:00 AM