Afterthoughts: Thinking Continental

Maybe the Mainland isn’t so main after all.

Afterthoughts: Chinatown Lockdown

Businesses are locking their doors in broad daylight. How did it come to this?

Afterthoughts: Fence Hopping

The Haiku Stairs might be Hawaii’s busiest off-limits hike.

Afterthoughts: Quonset Cool

Curved, corrugated, casual—Hawaii’s kamaboko houses are prefab-ulous.

Afterthoughts: Remembering John

Honolulu will not be the same without Heckathorn.

Afterthoughts: Apocalypse Soon

It’s the end of the world, again, and we feel fine.

Afterthoughts: Think Pink

Why is every building in Honolulu so beige?

Afterthoughts: Personal Archaeology

There’s no such thing as a small move.

Afterthoughts: And, in Conclusion

That last paragraph is always the tricky part.

Afterthoughts: Good Timing

New York State approves same-sex marriage just in time for my friend's wedding. Now if Hawaii could just do the same.

Afterthoughts: Mother Tongue

Every home has its own vernacular.

Afterthoughts: How's My Driving?

Forget these “suspensions pending investigations.” I’d rather see some bad drivers frog-marched out of TheBus’ headquarters.

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