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July archives
2011.07.08 04:00 AM

Field Guide: Go Outside and Play

When you’re working out with a group of people, in a beautiful place, you might have so much fun that you forget you’re exercising.
2011.07.06 09:00 AM

Artist Kupihea Romero

Strong Work: Artist Kupihea Romero stands with his pair of sculptures entitled “Kino Waa,” currently on display at the Honolulu Academy of Arts.
2011.07.05 11:00 AM

Solar Powered Beer

Light, Beer: Kona Brewing Co. reaps savings—and makes a good brew—using solar power.
2011.06.20 10:00 AM

Bear-ing Witness

A giant, stuffed panda peers out over Nimitz Highway.
2011.06.20 08:00 AM

Field Guide: Be Our Guest

Tired of showing visitors the same old tourist destinations? Try these alternatives to freshen things up.
2011.06.17 07:00 AM

Real Stories About Waves, Rice and Big Happiness

The Real Stories: Three new books take a deeper look at familiar subjects.
2011.06.17 04:00 AM

Espresso Yourself at Glazer's Coffee

If Carly Simon had frequented Glazer’s Coffee on South King Street, she might have sung about flowers in her coffee instead of clouds.
2011.06.14 09:11 AM

From Our Files

June archives
2011.06.13 07:00 AM

Things to Do in June in Hawaii

From kids’ piano competitions and theater performances to wine festivals and steak-cooking classes, June offers hands-on activities for everyone.
2011.06.03 10:00 AM

Afterthoughts: Food for the Eye

What do you do with a collection that is goofy and useless? Curate it and call it a day.
2011.05.23 01:00 AM

Honolulu Firefighters Cook Up a Mean Spread

When they’re not extinguishing fires and saving lives, the Honolulu Fire Department is cooking up a mean spread.
2011.05.20 08:00 AM