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Fall Plays Around Honolulu

The Play's the Thing: Oahu’s theater scene heats up with a fall lineup featuring everything from American history to Gothic romance.
2011.09.06 09:00 AM

Waikiki Roughwater Swim Labor Day Fundraiser

It’s the Waikiki Roughwater Swim, and it brings together between 900 and 1,200 entrants from all over Hawaii, the U.S. and the world.
2011.09.02 09:00 AM

Things to Do in September in Hawaii

Eat, drink and be merry this month with a sake tasting, culinary events and a celebration of all things rice-related.
2011.09.01 01:00 AM

New Hawaii Novel Released

A Whirlwind of a Tale: The semi-retired Richard Tillotson has pulled from his life's experiences to write several plays and a first novel.
2011.08.26 02:42 AM

Model Planes Over Kaneohe

Aces in Miniature: Some of those jets over Kaneohe are remote-control model aircraft.
2011.08.16 08:00 AM

Easter Island Controversy

Easter Surprise: A UH professor stirs up controversy with a new book on the Rapanui people of Easter Island.
2011.08.15 08:00 AM

Hawaii Spa Bargains

Bargain Spas: If you’re looking to be pampered on a budget, check out a Korean spa.
2011.08.12 04:00 AM

From Our Files

The August archives from our files of Paradise of the Pacific and HONOLULU Magazine.
2011.08.11 08:00 AM

Theaters of Hawaii

A new book takes us to the movies—and back in time.
2011.08.10 04:00 AM

Hawaii's Public Art

On the Hunt: See the city with fresh eyes via this article, an artistic scavenger hunt of Honolulu’s best public art.
2011.08.08 04:00 AM

Hawaiian Ukulele Goes Mainstream

For years, the ukulele was seen as a novelty outside the Islands. These days, though, a new crop of Mainland rockers and hipsters are getting serious about Hawaii’s favorite instrument.
2011.08.05 08:00 AM

Exploring Kahuku

Too often, the trip from Honolulu to Kahuku is a well-beaten path from downtown to the comforts of a single resort.
2011.08.03 12:00 AM