April Would Know

April Masini's dating love life

The Call to Collect

The Hawaii All Collectors Show

Back at the Shell

Kalapana concert at the Waikiki Shell


Recommendations by Melina Lillios, Katy Chen, and Steve Mobley.


Watch movies from Asia and the Pacific online.

On the Other Hand

Here are six uplifting news stories in Hawaii that have been buried under all the negativity.

Books for Every Mood

Q&A: Andy Bumatai

We caught up with the veteran comedian a few weeks after the premiere of his new nightly KFVE talk show, NightTime with Andy Bumatai.

Film for All

No matter what kind of moviegoer you are, this year’s Hawaii International Film Festival has got you covered.

Hawaii Hops

Wine has gotten most of the attention from foodies, but suddenly, everyone is throwing a beer-tasting dinner. Here’s a look at the numbers behind the suds:

On the Tube

A roundup of Honolulu’s most entertaining YouTube videos.

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